Welcome to our online consultation for the proposed redevelopment of the site at 2 Lonend, Paisley. This website forms part of the formal pre-application consultation process which is undertaken prior to the submission of a planning application to Renfrewshire Council in the forthcoming months.

The proposal is for the creation of 59 new high quality residential apartments at the corner of Saucel Street and Lonend. This development is being presented on behalf of Kelvin Properties the owner of the site. The traditional approach to public consultation is usually through an open exhibition in a local venue (for example a town hall), but due to ongoing Covid-19 challenges and restrictions, this is not currently possible.

Therefore, in keeping with temporary legislation and guidance issued by the Scottish Government, this online consultation website has been provided as an appropriate alternative. The website will be live for at least four weeks and will include a live interactive ‘event’ between 10am and 4pm on 8th December 2021. The content of this website sets out the background to the proposals, our vision for the site and how the proposed masterplan has been developed, using principles to maximise the opportunity to deliver a high-quality place that successfully responds to its context.

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We encourage the local community and other stakeholders to view our emerging proposals, prior to the submission of a formal planning application to Renfrewshire Council. We would be delighted to receive any feedback and comments, and in order to enable this a short feedback form has been provided to help capture the views of those who partake in the online consultation event. The content of these feedback forms will be used to guide the eventual content of the planning application.

Furthermore, should this website raise any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on our dedicated project specific email address lonend@bartonwillmore.co.uk or by contacting a member of the project team on the phone number provided. A live chat function will be in operation on the day of the live consultation event (8th December 2021), which will facilitate instantaneous replies from a dedicated member of the project team.

Please note that any comments submitted to this website will be used only by the applicant and project team, and do not constitute a formal representation to any future planning application. If, and when a formal planning application is submitted, there will be an opportunity to make further formal representations to Renfrewshire Council.


Kelvin Properties purchased the subject site in Spring 2021 due to its exceptional location in the centre of Paisley, near a variety of excellent amenities such as shops, bars and Paisley Canal Station. Recognising the need to re-populate Paisley Town Centre and given the huge potential of the site to do so, Kelvin Properties seek to redevelop the site and provide flatted residential properties, reaching the full potential of the site and bringing sustainable growth to the centre of Paisley.

Kelvin Properties intend to bring forward their proposal for the residential development of 2 Lonend, Paisley (‘the site’) and this public consultation is intended to inform the community of our proposals prior to the submission of a planning application in 2022.

A Proposal of Application Notice (PAN) was submitted to Renfrewshire Council on 25 October 2021 which signalled the intention of Kelvin Properties to apply for planning permission. A copy of this was also sent, on the same date, to Local Ward Members (Cllrs McNaughtan, Mylet, and Davidson), Paisley West and Central Community Council, George Adam MSP and Mhairi Black MP.

This PAN was acknowledged by Renfrewshire Council Planning Department on 26 October 2021 and given the reference number: 21/1621/PN. Initial feedback is being sought from the local community on the information presented within this website.  This will help to inform the preparation of finalised plans for a planning application early in 2022.

Planning Context

Scottish Planning Policy (SPP) indicates that the re-use or re-development of brownfield land should be considered before new development takes place on greenfield sites.  Given the brownfield nature of the site, this aligns with relevant planning policy.

Decisions should be guided by, among other principles, supporting the delivery of accessible housing and supporting good design and the six qualities of successful places. Although the site is not specifically allocated for development in the Renfrewshire LDP, POLICY P1 – Renfrewshire’s Places states that, ‘within uncoloured areas on the proposals maps there will be a general presumption in favour of a continuance of the built form’ providing it is ‘compatible and complementary to existing uses and demonstrate that they would cause no significant harm to these uses’.

Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2014 (extract) (Site is central within the image (‘Govt Office’)
Renfrewshire Local Development Plan 2014 (extract) (Site is central within the image (‘Govt Office’)

A previous planning application (ref: 20/0362/PP) was submitted in July 2020 for this site by Ambassador Group/Homes for the ‘demolition of existing building and erection of residential development comprising eleven dwelling houses and thirty-eight flats with associated roads, parking & infrastructure’, but stalled due to a lack of available evidence regarding flooding on the site.  This matter has since been resolved, in the preparation of these more up to date proposals, and the previous application was withdrawn in July 2021.

Previous Ambassador Group/Homes layout
Previous Ambassador Group/Homes layout (click to enlarge)

Our proposal has been developed to consider the adopted Renfrewshire Local Plan, taking particular cognisance of the scale, design and landscaping of the proposed development in such a way as to minimise any adverse impact on the surrounding area, with the aim of developing a site to help meet housing needs in the town centre.

The creation of high quality residential units at Lonend would help to improve the overall quality of the area, removing a vacant office building and providing meaningful sustainable development which would help boost the local economy and community.

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The site is located to the south-east of Paisley Town Centre on the corner of Saucel Street and Lonend. The site is connected to the surrounding areas by excellent public transport links via bus tops on Lonend and Paisley Canal Train Station. It is thought the site is the prefect location for a new residential development as within just a short walk you are close to the vibrant shops, restaurants, and bars of Paisley Town centre.

Site Location
Site Location (click to enlarge)
Aerial View
Aerial View (click to enlarge)

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Vision, Placemaking-led Approach

Our ambition is to create a high-quality place in which a variety of residential properties integrate positively with the surrounding urban area, all of which respond to the key characteristics of the site, its landscape and the local surroundings.

Placemaking is a key driver for the masterplan, in which the creation of multifunctional spaces, connecting with the existing residential development and surrounding townscape, provides amenity for residents whilst responding sensitively to the site’s central location. The proposal seeks to reinvigorate this vacant site, and be a part of the reinvigoration of Paisley Town Centre.

We see this as a “Gateway” site to Paisley Town Centre, for those travelling from the south along Lonend, and thus seek to design and create an impressive façade that welcomes people to the heart of the town. In turn the proposed development will remove the current eyesore that exists on-site in the form of the vacant buildings.

Site Assessment – Technical and Contextual Considerations

A range of technical assessments have been undertaken which conclude that there are no significant constraints to development that cannot be appropriately mitigated. Furthermore, the site and contextual assessment has identified a number of opportunities to which the development of the site can respond to positively.

Lonend Flood Map
Flood Map (click to enlarge)
Site Topography
Site Topography (click to enlarge)


  • The site will be served by a single vehicular access from Saucel Street in the southernmost corner of the site.
  • Pedestrian access is also provided in the northern corner of the site, providing a pedestrian access throughout the development.
  • Building frontage will positively address the open space in the centre of the site and at the site entrance, as well as providing an appealing aesthetic from the roadside

Landscape and Heritage Designations

  • There are no special landscape or heritage designations on the site.

Flooding and Drainage

  • The site is skirted on the north western boundary by the Espedair burn, which enters a culvert partially along that boundary.
  • That culvert has given rise to rare flood incidents in the past on the site, linked to the nearby White Cart Water, and these events have been identified on the SEPA Flood map.
  • With this in mind, very careful consideration has been given to flood risk on this site.
  • Specialist Flooding specialists Terrenus have been employed by Kelvin Properties to carry out an Assessment and have identified mitigation measures that can be employed which allows development to take place safely.
  • It is key to highlight that the modelling carried out, and proposed mitigation has been prepared to ensure that there is no increased flood risk as a result of this proposed development, even when taking into account 1 in 200 year flood events, as well as potential Climate Change impacts.


  • The proposed plans aim to create a path link in the northern corner of the site, which improves the connectivity of the site to the town centre and the public transport network.
  • Public transport connections to the site are excellent, with bus stops on the adjacent A726 and Paisley Canal train station 220m south of the site.
  • Bike storage is provided as part of the project to promote cycling as a sustainable means of transport.

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Proposals & Development Parameters

The evaluation of site opportunities and constraints has informed a set of development parameters through which the indicative layout has been developed.

Development Extent

The developable area of the site is driven initially by the site’s topography, landscape features, permeability, and legibility. An area of amenity space is located near the centre of the site, with trees, visitor parking and bike and bin storage located throughout. Residential development is the single use on the site but will be supported by areas of accessible and high-quality open space.

Access and Movement

The site is served by a single vehicular access point to the south of the proposed development, off Saucel Street, turning left toward the centre of the site and creating a route through the central portion of the development. A new footpath along the internal eastern boundary of the site will provide a connection across the site, joining with the existing road to the north.

Urban Form

Perimeter residential blocks will provide a clear distinction between public and private space and create legible and permeable environments, sensitive to the surrounding landscape.

Key consideration has been given to the existing features of the surrounding area in order to ensure the proposed development makes a positive contribution to the surrounding area and community.

Feature buildings (defined by scale, detailing and materials) and distinctive social shared spaces will create a pleasant and welcoming environment for residents, creating a sustainable and enduring place.

The inclusion of green space, parking, trees and bike / bin storage will create a welcoming and open space, suitable for residents of all ages.

Indicative Layout

The masterplan will deliver c. 59 new homes, comprising a mixture of 1 bed, 2 bed and 3 bed apartments.

Indicative Layout
Indicative Layout (click to enlarge)

Indicative Sketch Proposals

Massing: View 1 - Existing
Massing: View 1 – Existing (click to enlarge)
Massing: View 2 - Existing
Massing: View 2 – Existing (click to enlarge)
Massing: View 3 - Existing
Massing: View 3 – Existing (click to enlarge)
Massing: View 1 - Proposed
Massing: View 1 – Proposed (click to enlarge)
Massing: View 2 - Proposed
Massing: View 2 – Proposed (click to enlarge)
Massing: View 3 - Proposed
Massing: View 3 – Proposed (click to enlarge)


A considerate response to the existing townscape, and views towards it, has been key in the arrangement of built form within the site, enhancing the character of the proposed development and creating a distinctive sense of place.

A buffer, consisting of trees and bushes, has been created at the south of the site to offer privacy to the back gardens of adjacent properties

The built form has been designed to include central open space and parking, with trees incorporated throughout the development, along the primary road and interspersed among the visitor parking.

Supporting Information

A range of supporting information will accompany any future application including (but not limited to):

  • Planning Statement
  • Design and Access Statement
  • Pre-Application Consultation Report
  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal
  • Transport Statement
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Drainage Strategy
  • Noise Impact Assessment
  • Air Quality Assessment
  • Landscape Strategy
  • Ground Conditions Information

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Next Steps

Subject to this consultation exercise and further discussions with Renfrewshire Council, and other stakeholders, it is proposed a planning application will be submitted in January/February 2022.

The project team will consider all comments made during this consultation event as the proposals develop going forward. A report will be prepared on this consultation exercise (called a Pre-Application Consultation report or ‘PAC’ report) which will be provided to Renfrewshire Council as part of the submission of any proceeding planning application.

Your feedback would be very much appreciated, and we look forward to receiving it. Note as mentioned above, that any feedback that is provided will not constitute a formal representation to Renfrewshire Council; you will have an opportunity to do this should a planning application be submitted. If the application is successful, Kelvin Properties will look to demolish the existing building and proceed with development as soon as possible thereafter.

Ask a Question

We welcome questions on this development, which will be submitted via email to our consultants.  We will aim to reply to your question within 3 working days. Other than on the day of live interaction on the 8th December 2021 between 10am and 4pm, whereby more immediate response will be possible via our live chat function.


As part of the consultation exercise, we wish to record the general local feeling towards the proposed development.  We welcome any feedback in relation to the proposed development and seek any constructive comments you may have regarding the proposed layout and plans that the applicant has for the land.

We ask that comments are submitted through the below Feedback Questionnaire or via email by the 7th January 2022. Your feedback will be reviewed by Barton Willmore and may be reused anonymously in a Pre-Application Consultation report submitted to Renfrewshire Council. Although any comments made to this consultation process may form part of a future planning application submission document, they will not be considered by Renfrewshire Council as a formal representation to any future planning application.

All members of the public and local stakeholders will have the opportunity to make a formal representation once a planning application has been submitted.

We only ask for your email address to help count unique submissions. We will not contact you or use this information for any other purpose.

Contacting Us

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